Perfect Ward

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Perfect Ward

Perfect Ward is an application that maximises the value from healthcare inspections.  Inspections are a vital tool to identify issues and gain assurance on the quality of care.  But the process is typically admin-heavy with pen and paper audits that take valuable clinical time away from patients.  Perfect Ward replaces the pen and paper with an application so that staff can capture inspections directly on a smartphone or tablet.  Transparent, real-time reporting enables staff to fully engage in the inspection process, clearly understand, at-a-glance, the issues to address and be able to easily track and compare performance.
Perfect Ward can be customised for all healthcare environments and is currently in use in acute, community, mental health, ambulance and care home settings.  So whether you are inspecting a ward, clinic, or care-home you can be assured of a consistent, auditable and evidence-based inspection regime.


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