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Kwick Screen

KwickScreen is now used by over 150 NHS Trusts as a solution to MSA, privacy and dignity, infection control, curtain replacement and improving the patient environment. The KwickScreen Pro (new for 2015) is an innovative retractable screen with an even smaller footprint which can be wall fixed or portable and has fully customisable, removable printed inner panels. KwickScreens have been proven to aid infection control through hand hygiene compliance between bedspaces and through droplet management. The inner panels can be white, printed or completely transparent for cohort nursing.  They are used to combat MRSA, VRE and many other non-airborne infections. 

KwickScreens have been CQC approved for single sex compliance in many trusts nationwide and have passed numerous JAG inspections in Endoscopy wards.  With fully customisable prints KwickScreens can transform clinical environments by not only adding P&D but also making them relaxing, warm and welcoming. We have a huge range of images from cartoons & vibrant prints for children's units to more relaxing nature scenes for recovery units.  KwickScreen has won numerous awards for innovation and improving the patient environment (BBH Awards). They are also used to aid immersion and add fidelity to medical simulations by creating backdrops to scenarios. 

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