Sarah Barber

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 Sarah Barber

Sarah Barber

Mayor of Ipswich , Registered Nurse

Sarah was born in 1972 at a military hospital in Aldershot and spent much of her childhood abroad as her father was serving in the Grenadier Guards.

She has lived in Hong Kong, West Germany and various parts of the UK with parents Dennis and Linda and her brother, Mark, before she went to a secondary school in Milton Keynes. 

Sarah studied for a degree in Health and Social Care at Anglia Ruskin University but while she was there her father died from a heart attack at just 45. Although that was a quarter of a century ago he is still missed.

After finishing her degree she worked for John Lewis but in 1998 started to train as a nurse at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, completing her training as an adult nurse in May 2001.  

Sarah has worked at Ipswich NHS hospital since qualifing and has subsequently become a children’s nurse as well. Her mum has always said that Sarah wanted to be a nurse since she was a little girl and she is glad she has been able to spend her nursing career caring for the people of Ipswich.

The desire to become a nurse, to care and help people, is the same desire that made Sarah want to become a Borough Councillor and now Mayor. 

Sarah is also married to Luke (who she met at university) and when time allows, enjoys walking holidays in Scotland and travelling by train in Europe. She also swims and runs regularly, and has completed three marathons!

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