Dr Jane Ball

Holiday Inn Oct 5th - 6th 2017

Industry expert

 Jane Ball

Dr Jane Ball

Principal Research Fellow , University of Southampton

Jane Ball specialises in nursing workforce research and policy. She first worked with Prof Linda Aiken and Prof Anne-Marie Rafferty, to explore associations between nurse staffing and patient outcomes in 1999, as part of the international patient outcomes study. She is co-author (with Prof Jim Buchan) of the WHO’s guide to skill-mix methodologies, and whilst working at the RCN as Policy Adviser (2009-2011), she authored the ‘Guidance on safe nurse staffing levels’ (2010). She left her position as Deputy Director of the National Nursing Research Unit, at King’s College London to work for CLAHRC Wessex at University of Southampton. Having led a survey of nurses in England for the RN4Cast study, and a series of national surveys for the RCN on nurses’ employment in the UK, she continues to research nurse staffing and skill-mix issues, and the impact on quality and outcomes. She is a member of the Safe Staffing Alliance.

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